CAPCO Safety Culture

CAPCO Contractors commitment to Health, Safety, and Environmental is focused on creating a safe, sustainable work environment by minimizing hazards to employees. Our strict adhesion to, and execution of, process safety management is the key to CAPCO’s award winning Safety Culture.

Safe Man Hours in 2023

Safety First

CAPCO Contractors has always put safety first, it is one of our founding principles. We believe that our employees are our most valuable assets, so the safety of our workforce is critically important.  Our tradition of safety doesn't stop there however, it also extends to our customers and the communities where we operate.  CAPCO is committed to safety, with a dedicated safety department that oversees every aspect of our work:

HSE Program

CAPCO Contractors, Inc. implements a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program to ensure we provide the best working environment possible. Our HSE program is responsible for maintaining a lower than average accident rate for our industry. CAPCO is proactive when it comes to safety as we strive for a "zero-accident" workplace. Key elements of the CAPCO HSE Program:

Training Programs

CAPCO Contractors’ employees are trained to comply with state and federal regulations as well as local standards to accommodate our dynamic industry. Newly hired employees undergo extensive training regarding CAPCO's safety procedures, with a focus on environmental stewardship and peer-to-peer accountability.  CAPCO implements a wide array of supplemental training programs to ensure all CAPCO employees are trained for the demands they face in the field.

Additional CAPCO Training Programs:

Safety and CAPCO Contractors, Inc. go hand in hand. As a company founded on the principles of safety, we are proud of our record. CAPCO continues our commitment to maintaining the safest working environment possible for our employees, clients and the communities we work in.