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CAPCO Contractors, Inc. is a family owned and operated construction company specializing in the oil and gas industry.  We are proud to be an American company based in Texas, with clients from around the world, and a proud sponsor of our U.S. troops and veterans.

Years Established
/Our Story

Life on the right of way.

Founded in 1995 with only 12 employees and a small office, CAPCO has developed into a full service pipeline company capable of constructing all aspects of pipeline infrastructure, including compressor stations, site work, and pipeline integrity projects. Today, CAPCO employs over 400 people executing out of our main office located in Henderson, Texas on our 30 acre facility.

CAPCO Contractors employees installing a pipeline
CAPCO Contractors employee welding a pipe
/Our Mission

People are our priority.

As a family owned company we understand the importance of a quality work environment. CAPCO's focus on quality employee retention allows us to proudly boast an average tenure of over 10 years for our personnel.  Many of our original employees still work at CAPCO, with a large part of our workforce also consisting of "2nd generation" employees.

/Our Values

The values that drive our work


Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experience for all job types.


CAPCO is dedicated to creating a safe, sustainable work environment.

Long-Term Employees

With an average employee tenure of nearly 10 years, CAPCO is a career destination.


Our employees are rewarded for a hard day's work with an honest day's pay.


From top-to-bottom, CAPCO's team is committed to simply doing the right thing.


On-time and on-budget are two of the most important pillars we base our decisions around.


Our well-rounded workforce has acquired a vast knowledge of the industry over 30 years.

/Our Team

Meet the CAPCO Leadership Team

Billy Torrence


A career-welder by trade, Billy Torrence founded CAPCO Contractors in 1995 and has grown the business to be a full-service pipeline company based in Henderson, TX with over 400 employees.

Steve Torrence

Vice President

A second generation employee of CAPCO Contractors, Steve is well-versed in all aspects of the Torrence family's pipelining business having served a multitude of roles over the years both in the home office and in the field.

Thomas Baughman

General Superintendent

Results-oriented professional with 37 years of experience in pipeline construction.  Skilled in coordinating with management, on-the-ground employees, and subcontractors to ensure smooth and timely project execution, on time and on budget.

Kyle Gillispie

Senior Project Manager

Over 28 years of experience in various facets of pipeline and facility construction, working on transmission lines, gathering systems and rehabilitation projects for crude oil, natural gas, and highly volatile liquids.

Chris Moore

Director of Safety

Committed to leading all aspects of the CAPCO safety process including field observations, team safety briefings, incident investigations, cross-organizational HSE and compliance audits, and more.

Gary Polito

Project Manager

Extensive experience in the oil and gas industry as well as power generation, chemical processing, and manufacturing. Manpower management has ranged up to and including a 1,500 person workforce.

Chris Hoffman

Project Manager

Diverse background of project management experience in the oil and gas industry with a commitment to ensuring that financial targets for all projects are met.