Working for CAPCO Contractors has been a sought after career for nearly 3 decades. With the combination of working for a leadership team built on family-owned business values and the excitement of life on the right-of-way, our average employee tenure is nearly 10 years.

Why work at CAPCO Contractors?

A career at CAPCO Contractors is best suited for individuals who embrace a challenge and those that have a desire to contribute to a team of highly successful pipeliners. CAPCO offers roles across multiple disciplines for motivated individuals. Additional benefits include:

  • Competitive hourly/salary compensation
  • Full-time employee benefits
  • Career growth opportunities
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Currently Available Roles

Project Management
Project Estimators
5 years experience in project estimation.
Field Work Force
Applicable experience in pipeline/facility construction execution.
Applicable experience in SMAW processes.
Applicable experience and understanding of heavy equipment maintenance and repairs.
Heavy Equipment Operators
Vast heavy equipment experience.
Crew Leads
Applicable experience in crew management.
Skilled Labor
Vast knowledge of pipeline and facility construction.

Interested in working at CAPCO Contractors?

CAPCO Contractors is hiring for the selected roles listed above. Interested parties should express interest by calling (903) 657-2699. Online applications are not accepted.